Consultation with Clinic Nurse

wellness center for old age peopleMary’s Woods, a wellness center for old age people offers a clinic nurse for consultation 3 days a week. Some of the ongoing services provided by them include weight,  vital signs and blood pressure check. Whenever a patient calls for immediate assistance, the nurse visits their place and evaluates their emergency situation and provides the necessary help. Also Medicare Part B services which include physical, occupational or speech therapy services are provided by clinic nurse if requested by the patient.


Holistic Retirement Lifestyle

Hidden along the Willamette River in Lake Oswego, Mary’s Woods offers 19 acres of beautiful villas and apartments in a retirement community lifestyle surrounded by the charm, spirit and natural splendor of this historic area.

Bedroom Accommodation For Seniors: Find perfect 1 – 3 bedroom apartment for seniors at Maryswood. Enjoy all modern amenities at affordable price.


Mary’s Woods

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Call: 503-635-7381


Mary’s Woods offers surrounded beauty and energy for everyone that makes your mind, body and spirits feel better.The Wellness Center at Mary’s Woods includes a pool, spa and safe, easy to use exercise equipment.

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